Microsoft Teams How to define Holidays

Microsoft Teams now allows you to define your organization holidays (aka the period your organization is shutting down and won’t be available for business).

This can be linked with auto-attendant you may have configured for voice capabilities.

To start using it and configure your next organization time off, go to your Teams administration portal ( and reach out the Org-wide settings\Holidays configuration blade

You will reach the New Holiday option and you will need to set the start and end date between which your organization will be unavailable by using the Add new date and set the dates and times

If you want to link it with an auto-attendant, reach out the Voice\auto attendant after you have set your organization holiday and then select the auto attendant you want to set for the holidays period and click Edit

Finally, reach the auto attendant Holiday call settings and click the New Holiday

That’s all happy teaming!


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