The Microsoft Teams update we’ve all been waiting for

Being able to work with external people of your organization, would be possible thanks to an update that Microsoft is being working recently.

As many of you probably know, when you are using a team in Microsoft Teams, commonly not only involve people from inside the organization, also projects includes people from other organizations, where they have to struggle to be able to catch day to day notifications and files inside those Teams.

Currently, the only method to be able to stay up to date to all the work in different organizations it was to use third party plugins or even to have multiple windows of Teams, being a nightmare to cope with that.

Thus, reduces the productivity of the employees, but also increment problems of security, not only in terms of sign-ins also in terms of information shared…

For those reasons, Microsoft has been working in two updates related with Mirosoft Teams Connect and the access capacities of AzureAD to facilitate the collaboration between orgs.

The first feature includes shared channels which allows that people and teams of different organizations could work in the same Mirosoft Teams without changing the app or event the org where the you are set, which under my point of view is simply fantastic

This feature will be release at the beginning of the next year, but if you’re working under Microsoft org with other Micorosoft Teams, you will be able to see in which direction are taking these new updates.

In my case, the screenshot is from the Microsoft corp teamd organization, but no only shows the Microsoft teams from the Microsot tenant, it also shows one of the teams from the company where I work (showing labelled as external), because I’m connected with my work account.

Also the users would be able to program a meeting in a shared channel, use other applications of Microsoft, and of course, shared the channel with up to 50 teams and external orgs.

From the IT perspective, as always it can be controlled and shut down, in order to configure the “trust relationship” between tenants, and differentiate the collaboration between orgs.

This new features have been highy demanded in the last few months, and probably it will allow Microsoft Teams to be a key tool to communicate internally and externally without problem.


PowerShell for Microsoft Teams

Last week, Microsoft made available new PowerShell Modules, in this case was for Microsoft Teams, and I have to say that it is wonderful, because since then, we were obliged to use the Office 365 Groups PowerShell commands, and not all the commands fulfill the use case.

First of all, we need to install the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module:


Once we have installed the commands, as is needed for each O365 service, we’ll need to connect to it:


If we want to see all the available commands, we will need to put the following:


As it can be seen, the list of cmdlets is a bit short, but I’m sure that will grow and will improve the capabilities and also the availble features.

Till next time!

GSuite: Tips for collaboration tools

Some pieces of information about using GSuite in your daily life

While using Sheets

  • How to insert an image. Using the formula “=image(“url”)” places pictures right into your Sheets. You can also scale the image to fit the Sheet, stretch it to fill it, show in its original size, and show in a custom size.
  • Using templates. Google offers a wide array of premade pages, ready for you to fill. They cut downtime for your work, making effective finished pages in a snap. Create New > From Template, and you’ve got the blueprint at hand.
  • Using conditional formatting. Color coding cells is super useful and makes it easier to read while working and after it’s finished. All you need to do is select a cell or group of cells, click the arrow to the right of the header, and then “Conditional Formatting.” From there, simply insert your rules and save them.
  • Inserting Sheets into Docs. Instead of having to create new graphs, use Charts to drop Sheets data in. It will load and place the data instantly through Charts > Load Data > Insert.

Google Docs

  • If you have a document that you need to translate, Google Docs makes it simpler than ever. Changing your file to a new language is literally just a click away. This element is crucial to any global business.
  • If you need to do some digging, don’t waste time filtering through internet results, especially if you’re going to be citing sources. The Research tool allows you to examine filtered results, such as images and quotes, quickly. You can also search with a “Scholarly” filter to only see scholarly sites and always have the most trustworthy and prevalent information.


  • Easily mute notifications during important meetings. Under the Settings menu, you can choose a specific time period to disable notifications, such as 1 or 8 hours. You can also pick the notifications you want to receive. Hangouts gives you the option to turn off call ringing and message sounds independently.
  • Adjust call bandwidth. This feature is excellent if you have issues with the quality of your audio or video. Move the slider to the right or left to control the level for that call. It can be readjusted for each conference for total customization.
  • Choose how others see you. Along with statuses that provide a custom message, you can let others know when you were last online, what device you’re using to access Hangouts, and if you’re currently engaged in a video or phone call from the application. Checking these boxes automatically provides feedback and information for those looking to contact you.
  • Take control of your invitations. You can turn notifications on and off by simply checking a box. Plus, you can add personal details so users with your phone number or email can send you a direct invitation. No more searching for usernames and wondering if you contacted the right person.
  • Quickly access the Help menu. Click or tap on the Help and Feedback button at the bottom of the More menu, and type in your questions to easily find solutions or clarification.

That’s all for now, enjoy it!