SharePoint 2013 Newsfeed – We’re still collecting the latest news error

When you’re doing some content migration between environments, or even if you’re trying to stop services to reallocate them in other servers, you have probably seen this error message on your SharePoint 2013 MySite Newsfeed:
“We’re still collecting the latest news. You may see more if you try again a little later.”

I have face off this problem many times, and then I realize that I needed to write it down the solution to try to not to forget it and get a quick solution to that problem.
This problem is related with the Distributed Cache of the servers, why? One reason could be that someone has rebooted all the distributed cache services at the same time. Once you face this problem, you have two possible actions: wait (nobody loves waiting) or use PowerShell to refill the Distributed Cache.

#Replace URL with your mysite URL. This script will populate each user’s cache using
#The following line will populate and the entire user profile newsfeed cache
$proxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | ? {$_.Name –like “User Profile Service Application*”}
Update-SPRepopulateMicroblogLMTCache -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy $proxy
$url = ““
$contextWeb = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($url);
$ServerContext = [Microsoft.Office.Server.ServerContext]::GetContext($contextWeb)
$UserProfileManager = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager($ServerContext);
$Profiles = $UserProfileManager.GetEnumerator();
foreach ($oUser in $Profiles ) {
if ($oUser.item(“SPS-PersonalSiteCapabilities”).Value -eq 14 ){
$personalurl = $url + $oUser.item(“personalspace”).Value
Write-Host $oUser.item(“AccountName”).Value
Update-SPRepopulateMicroblogFeedCache -ProfileServiceApplicationProxy $proxy -accountname $oUser.item(“AccountName”).Value


After running the script on each WFE where distributed cache runs, wait 15 minutes for the Newsfeed data to populate. Finally, test newsfeed



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