Get Size of all Sub-sites in a Site Collection

Today I will post about how to obtain the size of all the subsits in a site collection, sometimes a customer ask for something like that and it’s pretty easy to obtain it.

The only work to do is to open a Sharepoint Shell, configure the url in the above code, and paste it in the shell. Then you will obtain a file with the url of each site and the total size of each them.
# Function to calculate folder size
Function CalculateFolderSize($Folder)
[long]$FolderSize = 0
foreach ($File in $Folder.Files)
#Get File Size
$FolderSize += $file.TotalLength;
#Get the Versions Size
foreach ($FileVersion in $File.Versions)
$FolderSize += $FileVersion.Size

#Iterate through all subfolders
foreach ($SubFolder in $Folder.SubFolders)
#Call the function recursively
$FolderSize += CalculateFolderSize $SubFolder

return $FolderSize

$SiteURL = “http://urlwebapp”
$Site = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($SiteURL)
foreach($Web in $Site.AllWebs)
#Call function to calculate Folder Size
[long]$WebSize = CalculateFolderSize($Web.RootFolder)
#Get Recycle Bin Size
foreach($RecycleBinItem in $Web.RecycleBin)
$WebSize += $RecycleBinItem.Size
$Size = [Math]::Round($WebSize/1MB, 2)
$web.Url+” : “+$Size+” MB” >> sitesizereport.txt

That’s all, hope it helps!


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