Roadmap Updates for SharePoint

Recently, Microsoft has announced a bunch of updates, mostly for SharePoint. You can find most of theses announcements on the M365 Roadmap:

Microsoft Teams: Reporting access and updated policy settings for Webinars in the Teams Admin CenterJune 2023
Microsoft Stream: new webpartJuly 2023Enhanced Video in M365
SharePoint: News in OutlookJuly 2023SharePoint in the AI Era
SharePoint: Page sharingJuly 2023SharePoint in the AI Era
SharePoint: Video PagesAugust 2023Enhanced Video in M365
SharePoint: New SharePoint StartSeptember 2023SharePoint in the AI Era
SharePoint: Advanced editing in Image web partJuly 2023SharePoint in the AI Era
SharePoint: Content Pane for SharePoint Pages and News.October 2023SharePoint in the AI Era
SharePoint: Centrally manage branding for your organizationDecember 2023SharePoint in the AI Era
SharePoint: Copilot in SharePointNovember 2023SharePoint in the AI Era
Microsoft SharePoint: Resource Specific ConsentDecember 2023
Microsoft SharePoint: Application Site Creation without Sites.FullControl.AllDecember 2023
SharePoint Pages: Design IdeasJanuary 2024SharePoint in the AI Era
SharePoint: Collaborate on SharePoint pages and news with co-authoringMarch 2024SharePoint in the AI Era
OneDrive: Access Lists, Forms, Sway & PowerBI content in OneDrive WebJuly 2023

As well as the updates in the table, you can find more information in the following URLs:

New era in content management and security in SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams – Microsoft Community Hub

Enhanced Video in Microsoft 365 – Microsoft Community Hub

Microsoft Lists: Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger – Microsoft Community Hub

Experience the New OneDrive: Fast, Organized, and Personalized – Microsoft Community Hub

SharePoint in the AI Era: Introducing Copilot in SharePoint & 10 more innovations for creators – Microsoft Community Hub

Introducing Copilot in SharePoint and new OneDrive experiences | Microsoft 365 Blog

Have fun!


Product / patch installation or server upgrade required

Hi folks,

Recently I had a problem in a farm I was deploying, everything was fine, but when I tried to see “servers in this farm” option I could see that one of the servers has the state as “Upgrade Required”. At first instance I thought, ok I have installed the same CU in all the servers, but in this one I am having some problems, I will try to reboot the server and check it again.

So, I rebooted the server and I checked it again, for my surprise, it was stuck in the same state as before. So, I tried the next option, run the SharePoint configuration wizard. I run the configuration wizard, and it showed an error while upgrading the server… the thing started to become weird… I checked the log file, expecting to find something that points me with the solution, but nothing…

Thus, I fired my next bullet which was PowerShell, I opened the shell and executed the following: Get-SpProduct -local expecting that probably it will show me that a CU or LP was missing or something like that, but still no luck 😦

I tried by PS and I was receiving the following error:

“An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUpdatedConcurrencyException was thrown.  Additional exception information: An update conflict has occurred, and you must re-try this action. The object SPUpgradeSession Name=Upgrade-20160429-101200-949 was updated by MYDOMAINspinstall, in the PSCONFIG (3540) process, on machine SERVER1.  View the tracing log for more information about the conflict.”

So, what was happening? I tried my last chance which was to clean the SharePoint cache and try another time with PS. So I clean the cache (if yo don’t know how to do it, I have a post about it), and then I run the following:

PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures

So, what happened?? It worked! So, I was able to continue with my work, and forget the evening that I spent to solve this problem.
Till the next time!!

PowerShell Script To Update UPN in a domain

Hi again,

The other day a colleague ask me a quick way to update the UPN of a bunch of users in order to be ready to access to O365.

Firstly, and before running the below PowerShell, add the UPN that you are going to use (your verified domain in Office 365) to Active Directory Domains and Trusts. Then in a PowerShell console as an administrator, execute the following command:

$users = Get-ADUser -filter * -Server -resultsetsize $null
foreach($user in $users)
$UPN = "$($user.sAMAccountName)"
# Write-Host "Setting " $UPN
$user | Set-ADUser -UserPrincipalName $UPN

That’s all