Microsoft Support and Recover Assistant for Skype for Business

If you still thinking that Skype for Business is already dead, Microsoft is telling you the contrary, they are still improving their tools to do their best.

One of this, is that they had improved SaRA, this tool allows to fix many problems or at least it indicates you how to fix them.


The most important thing here, is that has been added support for Skype for Business. If you want to dig deepper in this tool, you can find more information in the following post: SaRA


Skype to Teams Roadmap

Yesterday was announced in the Techcommunity the roadmap for Microsoft Teams.

I want to highlight the integration between the Skype For Business client and the Microsoft Teams client. With this integration we will be able to share the presence, contacts between this two applications and even to call between this two applications. In a near future, we will have the PSTN calling plans for Teams and more features yet to come.

If you want more information about this, visit the following link:

Skype For Business VS Microsoft Teams features

Recently I found on Technet a very interesting article written by the user LucaVitali

This article is a comparison table between Skype for Business and Teams, where the information comes from various sources. In adition to that, Luca will try to update the file and add new features.

Enjoy it!

Skype For Business Web Scheduler

Recently I’d been involved in a O365 project where the client need to use Skype for Business Online, but they have the mail in other platform which is not Exchange Online (I hope they will migrate in a near future). So, the question is: How can they schedule meetings for Skype for Business?

As well as MS has a solution to Schedule meetings in OnPremises, for Skype Online we have a similar solution, which is “Skype for Business Web Scheduler”, very original, isn’t it?

This solution is a web-based program that you can use to create Skype Meetings, in case you don’t have Outlook. The only thing you need is an Internet connection (we are in O365, bravo captain obvius!)

So, we’ll need to navigate to sign in with your work account, and the scheduler will be presented. For people that has been using Skype Scheduler with Outlook, will be very similar to it.

If you have any doubts or need support about this tool, check the following link

Hope that helps!

Skype photo not showing up in the client

This issue have been bothering me a while, but not enought to take it seriously, the problem was that everyone was able to see my picture, but not me, so, it was a weird behaviour. Sometimes when I clean the Skype Adress Book, the picture appeared for a few days, but then disappear magically.

So, after spending few hours trying to solve this problem, I found this magical post from Koen Zomers

The steps are quite simple:

  1. Sign Out from Lync/Skype
  2. Open the regedit
  3. Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync
  4. Make a backup of the Lync Folder
  5. Delete the Lync Folder
  6. Sign in again in Lync/Skype

You will see that the deleted Lync folder have been created again, and finally your photo shows again. I hope that this problem won’t be reproduced again 🙂


S4B not able to connect on Mac devices

Hi all!

This is an incedent that a customer reported me, the problem was that he has a number of Mac devices that were not able to connect to the S4B OnPremise installation, each time they tried to connect to the client, the received an error.

So, we started to troubleshoot the problem, we revised the logs and then we realized that in one of the trace logs, there was a message related with the certificate, so probably the error was in that direction.

How it was a Mac device, it was not possible to add the device to the domain, so the domain certificates were not included in the chain certificate root, and for that reason the devices does not trust the discovery url from the S4B. So, we donwloaded the certificate from the discovery url, and we installed the certificate in the chain root of each one of the Mac devices that the customer has.

Once it has been done, we were able to connect to S4B trhough the different devices. Could be a silly thing, but we get stuck into that problem for several days.

Hope that helps!


Skype Meeting Broadcast

One of the best kept secret of Skype is Skype Meeting Broadcast, which is a large scale meeting service that can host up to 10,000 attendees on any device, Mac, PC, Windows, Mobile, and even Linux devices through a web browser broadcast. Behind the scenes, this kind of service is based on Azure media services, and for example users located in the same geographical area will be connected to the same CDN.

In which plan is included the Skype Meeting Broadcast? In the followings

  • Enterprise E1, E3, and E5
  • Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 2 (or 3)

And who can attend to the meeting? You can select through the following options:

  1. Anonymous: Anybody with the broadcast URL can attend
  2. Secure: Only specific people can attend based off their email address
  3. All Company: Only people within your company can attend, they will need a username and password.

So, your last question will be, how I can start planning a Skype Broadcast? You will need to access to the following link: and then select the day you will host the meeting, and then customize the meeting to fit your preferences.

I think that will be a great tool to my customers to host their online meetings or product presentations 🙂




Recommendations using Skype For Business meetings

Currently, I am using more and more S4B to Schedule Skype meetings to communicate with other people that are not located in my office or even in my region.

By default, everyone that is invited to a Skype meeting is considered as a “presenter” and has full control over the meeting, but sometimes this configuration is not the appropriate for large meetings. Probably you want more control over the audio, video or the content presented over the meeting, so the intention of this post is to give some recommendations about using S4B for this situations.

To do this, the first thing that we have to take into account is that all this configurations are controlled over the Outlook client, so you need to create a new Skype meeting and then select meeting options in Outlook ribbon:


You will have a series of possible configurations:

Where do you want to meet online?

  • Select “a new meeting space”. This setting is required if you wish to change any of the default meeting settings.

These people do not have to wait in the lobby:

  • You will want to change this setting unless you want to manually let each person in and have an announcement as each person enters and exits.
  • Suggested options are to allow “People I invite from my company” and “Callers get in directly”.

Who’s a presenter?

  • By default, everyone from our organization is a “presenter”, which means they can control audio, video and screen sharing options.
  • Change this setting to “Only me, the meeting organizer”. This ensures that only the meeting organizer is a presenter. You can choose additional presenters as required.  For example, the person that schedules the meeting is automatically a presenter.  You can also “promote” the individual presiding at the meeting to a presenter to give them full capabilities.

Do you want to limit participation?

  • Presenters always have the ability to chat and share audio and video as well as presentations.
  • In a large meeting, it might be beneficial to mute participants audio and block video in order to provide better control over the environment and ensure a better experience for participants.
  • As a presenter you can un-mute participant’s audio on a case-by-case basis as needed.
  • Participants can also be elevated to presenters at any time to provide full access.

Once you are done making the changes you require, select the “ok” button or press the button to save your preferences for future meetings.

That’s all!

Skype for Business tips

Hi all!

Today I bring a quick tip about S4B. Imagine that you’re busy and you decide to set your status to “Do not Disturb”, as you will know, no one will be able to send you IM, all the IM will be automatically send to the mail. The only option to have a conversation with this status, is that firstly you need to start the conversation with the other person.

But know, imagine that you’re working in an important project with a group of people (a team to be precise). Will be behave the same? The answer is yes, but you can bypass this behaviour doing something very easy.

The only thing that you will need to do is set your privacy relationship with your team members to workgroup. Doing this, the members of the team, will be able to communicate with you via IM.

Hope that helps!