The Path Length Limit of 400 chars in SPO

Have you ever had problems with SPO path lengths? This post probably will help you to determine and solve that problems

First of all, let’s check how the path length is calculated, the first difference here is the following, path Length is not the same as the URL length. It is the relative Url.

Calculations rules

  • Only the server relative url part is counted. The “” has no impact on that. It starts from the foward slash: “/sites” or /teams
  • An encoded value like blankspace (%20) is treated as one character, not three.
  • A unicode character, and an emoji is treated as one character.
  • Url Parameters, like “?Web=1” are not calculated.
  • The site url and the document library url is taken into account
  • All slashes are included
  • A file extension is also included, and even the dot, e.g. “.docx”
  • A site url and a group name can only be 64 characters max.
  • The path in the “Copy Link” is much shorter than the “real” path

So if you’re having problems with long URLs (I had in the past with a user which has a lot of nested folders), take into account those points and I’m sure that you will led the way to solve that problem.