How to force Windows 10 to download the Fall Creators Update

Since last week it has been weird at the office, while my colleagues were downloading the new Update which allows to use the new features of OneDrive On Demand, I was complaining of how impossible it was to receive the Falls Creator Update on ithe computer.

I know that it is a gradual rollout, so not everyone will get the update on day one (as it can be seen). As far as we know, Microsoft will slowly ramp up the release, but if you don’t want to wait (like me 🙂 ), you can get the latest and greatest update by forcing it.

If you want to force the update, you can visit the following link: and click the button update now. Then a verification process will begin to check if you’re system is ready to receive the new update, If it is ready, the download process will begin.

I want to give a piece of advise fefore starting updating your system, the update process take soooooo long, so be patient 😉