Microsoft Defender for EndPoint

This product is becoming very popular among my customers specially when they’d purchased Microsoft 365 E5 LIcenses, but, let’s have a look how we can implement this technology in our business.

But first, What is Defender for EndPoint? It’s an enterprise endpoint security platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. Also we can onboars servers and devices indepently to the service, which is great.

What is very cool, MDE is not only available for Windows, also for iOS, Linux and Android, so we can cover almost all the spectrum of corp devices.

And most important, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Endpoint Manager. You only must activate the Intune integration ones during the initial setup and your reports will flow into MEM. This allows you create and configure Security baselines, which are pre-configured groups of Windows settings that help you apply the security settings that are recommended by the relevant security teams.

If you’re using an existing AV solution, you can check out the following guidelines to migrate to MDE:

What are the high level steps to implement Microsoft Defender for Endpoint?

If you want to know more, as always Microsoft Learn is the more technical and comprehensive approach to explain products than on normal Microsoft Docs Practice security administration – Learn | Microsoft Docs and don’t forget to visit the TechCommunity:

Lastly, remember, you can access to the M365 Defender portal at

Keep safe and get some fun!