How to check if an external user has accepted the invitation

From time to time, I receive calls from my customers saying that they send invitations from SPO to external users, but they claim that they did not receive nothing. This post will try to clarify the process, and how is it possible to check the user invitation status.

As you know, every invitation made into O365 (Teams, O365 Groups, SPO…) relies in Azure Active Directory, so our source of information will be there. So what are the steps that we need to follow?

The important thing here, is the source field. If the source field shows invited user, it means the user has not accepted the invitation. If that is the case, than you can click on resend invitation and this will trigger another invite for the user to redeem


Once the user has redeemed the external user invite, you can check the source field, because depending on the Identity Source, the field will be updated regsarding the IS.

In this case, the user has been invited to a Microsoft Account (@outlook, @hotmail)


In this other case, the user has been invited from an Organization Account (note that the source is External Azure Active Directory)


That’s all!



How to use external users in SharePoint Online

Hi all!! Today I come with a Little lab that would be very useful for us, in this case we are planning to share some site from O365 to external users (no problem), but this users would have an Azure account in our AD, so it’s easy to control what are they doing or simply to change their password or any other action.

The article in question is the following:

Also, you’ll lear how to add an azure subscription to O365, I already tried, and works like a charm 🙂 So I encouraged you to try it.