PassWordless Authentication with Fido 2 Keys – Part 3 – IDMelon

As you probably have seen in my previous posts, security keys are here to stay. They can be used as a separate authentication method beyond secondary authentication. There are multiple manufacturers that help us in our passwordless journey, for that reason, to the realization of this post, I used a IDMelon security key that also supports FIDO2

The main difference here with other security key, is that IDMelon uses is own security authenticator app which I will review during this post.

How it works

First of all, you need to download the app to your smartphone, which can be done in a very simply steps and then plug the security key and install the software.

Once you have done this, you can pair your smartphone and the key:

And you’re ready to go:

So, once you have done, you’re ready to go to and configure the security key for your user account. I am not going to cover the process because it has been done in previous post, and the process is straightforward (PassWordless Authentication with Fido 2 Keys – Albandrod’s Memory ( PassWordless Authentication with Fido 2 Keys – Part 2 – Albandrod’s Memory (

At first glance, what it takes my attention to, it was the push notification, I was expecting the typical push notification from authenticator, but in the IDMelon security key, it was provided by the application that you have installed in the smartphone earlier.

If you look deeper into this application, you can check the current plan that you have with the security key, and most important, the activity log of the security key, which I think is great!

Now, if we look into the AAD Sign in we are able to review the sign in information regarding the security Key:

To conclude, I found that IDMelon keys are a great product, because not only provides a password less journey to the users, also provides a simply way to manage the activity of the security token and also the signin process.

Thanks to IDMelon for providing this token to test out their solution

till nex time!


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