Recommendations for deploying a Jump Host in Azure

Probably you’re asking yourself what’s a jump host? So in simple words, is a virtual host which is not the same as you use daily to read e-mail, browse the web, install software, but is used to perform administrative tasks for one or multiple IT infrastructures.

These are some of the recommendations that I follow when I need to deploy a jump host in Azure. The first two, are the most important, you have to be sure of not doing any of these

  • Do NOT install any productivity tools such as Office, it’s important to keep the VM as clean as possible, it’s only a considered to be a jump Host, not a working device.
  • Do NOT use this VM for general internet browsing purposes

and other some recommendations…

  • Isolate the VM with NSG, only is need to access where it is really needed
  • Install the AntiMalware extension from Azure and configure Windows Defender Settings
  • If possible, configure JIT on the VM
  • Onboard the device in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (if Possible)
  • Apply the Microsoft Security baseline
  • Enable Windows Defender Network Protection and Exploit Guard
  • Enable Virtualization based security, if you deployed a Gen 2 VM

That’s all, as always, these are my recommendations, probably you have different ones


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