Deploying Microsoft 365 Apps

This a service that I discovered the other day, which is Office cloud policy service: lets you enforce policy settings for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (what was named in the past Office 365 ProPlus) on a user’s device. It doesn’t matter if the device isn’t domain joined or otherwise managed.

The magic here flows when a user signs into Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise on a device, then the policy settings roam to that device. Also, some other cool features is that you can enforce some policy settings for Office for the web, and anonymous users.

Some of the policies to configure are also included in GPO or in EndPoint Manager, so take into account this. But also keep in mind the following requirements:

  • At least Version 1808 of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.
  • User accounts created in or synchronized to Azure Active Directory (AAD).
  • Office cloud policy service supports security groups and mail-enabled security groups created in Azure AD.
  • to create policy configurations, you need to have one of the following roles: Global Administrator, Security Administrator, or Office Apps Admin.

To enable security policy recommendations, sign in to the portal for managing Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, click Security, and then choose On for the Security Policy Advisor.

How Security Policy Advisor creates recommendations

When a security group has been assigned a policy configuration, Security Policy Advisor analyzes how users in that group work with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. Based on this analysis and on Microsoft best practices, recommendations are created for specific security policies and insights about the impact of those policies on productivity and security.

Recommendations are usually generated within a few minutes of a policy configuration being applied to a group. On rare occasions, it may take longer. In such instances, please revisit Security Policy Advisor to check if new recommendations are available.

that’s all for know, keep playing and discover some cool jewels hided in the M365 portal

till next time!


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