Retention Label VS Retention Policy

Retention is a great way to drive information governance and user behaviour, it is a good practice to have implemented a retention policy in organization content in order to enable long term retention in some of the workload such as SPO, Teams, ODFB, EXO…

But when it comes to the question what feature do I need to use in each case, it is when the doubts comes, so, with the following post I expect to clarify some of those points:

Use Retention Labels when:

  • Information within the same location requires different classifications to drive lifecycle
  • Information is required to be managed as a record or a regulatory record
  • Information requires manual classification by users or auto-classification using Keywords, metadata or machine learning

Use Retention Policies when:

  • A single baseline retention period is applicable to all information with a location (ODFB, EXO etc.)
  • Joiner / Leaver scenarios are required to be automatically managed
  • No user intervention is expected or required with the baseline policy

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