How to “backup” resources in Azure

Have you ever wonder how to backup a resource in Azure in order to rebuild it in case it is accidentally deleted? Or imagine that you want to reconfigure it in other subscription/customer.

With Powershell we can do that, it is pretty straightforward and powerful. In my case, what I want to backup is an Azure Firewall, because for example I have configured the AZFirewall with multiple rules, and I want to reuse them in another subscriptions.

To do that, what we have to is to get the firewall resource ID

$AzFirewallId = (Get-AzFirewall -Name "MyFirewallName" -ResourceGroupName "MyRgName").id

Then configure a file to export the configuration:

$FileName = ".\MyResourceBackup.json"

and finally… export the JSON to the previous file:

Export-AzResourceGroup -ResourceGroupName "MyRgName" -Resource $AzFirewallId -SkipAllParameterization -Path $FileName

Take note that I have used the “SkipAllParameterization” parameter, it allows to recreate exaxtly what we have “backup” in the JSON. In case that we want to change the names to the resources we can avoid that parameter. Also it is important, that the json contains all the configurations that we have done in the service, so, we are not losing anything.

And now… how to restore them in Azure? Pretty simple as well:

New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -name "RestoreJob" -ResourceGroupName "MyRgName" -TemplateFile ".\MyResourceBackup.json"

That’s all for one resource, and what if I whant to “backup” all the resources contained in a Resource Group? You can do it as well! But in this case, you must change some of the parameters to export the file:

Export-AzResourceGroup -ResourceGroupName "MyRgName" -SkipAllParameterization -Path $FileName

You will avoid what is in the resource itself, but you will have a laaaarge JSON, with all the parameters and configurations. Then you can restore the resources with the same method explained earlier.

Also, a good point would be to configure an automation account to export all the configuration files from the portal and store them in a blob in order to have a copy of all the resources in the subscription.


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