Enabling Microsoft Whiteboard

Have you ever used Whiteboad? If not it is a useful application where users can create a canvas, to shared ideas and content, also Whiteboard can be used to collaborate with yout team wether you’re in the same place or multiple locations.

But, the main problem is to be able to store & retrieve canvas or share them with other people, you’ll need to sign in with Office 365 credentials.

In my case, I was receiving the following message “Your admin has disabled sign in for Whiteboard”

But the fix is pretty simple… Simply go to the Office 365 admin portal, navigate to Settings and then to “Services & add-ins”, where you will see the new Whiteboard option and you will see that it is set to Off, so slide it over to On and press save:

The effect is immediate, and you’ll then be able to log in straight away and start working on whiteboards together!

This is an all or nothing approach, and at this point there are no administrative controls to enable or disable this on a per-user level – so you will need to be wary of content being stored in yet another location


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