Page Diagnostics Tool for SPO

What is Page Diagnostics Tool?

Defined as Chromium Browser Extension designed to help you identify site pages in SharePoint Online that may not be delivering optimal performance.

Where we can download the tool?

What can can be used for?

  1. Compare characteristics of page to best practices to SharePoint Online and enlist the issues
  2. Provide guidance to resolve these issues as per the best practices

What This Tool does?

  • Identify total page load time
  • Which actions needs attention
    1. It detects large images (Images which are larger than 300 KB)
    2. Content Delivery Network check – Which items from page are not using CDN
    3. How many request call went to SharePoint? It also indicates how many only to have like best practice is maximum 25
    4. Which web parts are using iFrames? iFrames slows down the performance
    5. Which web parts affecting performance
    6. Where improvements can be done. That means for example this tool enlists WebParts which take more than 2000 MS to render

It’s interesting to analyze performance of modern and classic sites before publishing them to production environments


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