What do I put in front of my web application to secure it?

this a recurrent question from my customers, “I want to secure my application, how can I do it?”

So, this quick post is willing to show the different possibilities that I try to explain to them…

Azure Application Gateway Azure Traffic Manager Azure Front Door Azure CDN
Scope Regional Global Global Global
Protocols HTTP Any HTTP HTTP
VNet Possibility to create inside VNet Outside Outside Outside
Health Probe HTTP based / Response from 200 to 399 HTTP Based / Response Custom HTTP Based / Response 200
Caching Up to 8 MB Designed for
Type Web Traffic Load Balancer DNS based Load Balancer Application delivery Network CDN
Designed For Reverse Proxy & WAF Scalable Entry Point Sclalabe & Security Entrypoint Serve Static content
Backend Internal or External External External External
Routing Method Host Header or Path based Priority, Weight, Performance, Geo… Priority, Weight, Host Header, Path based

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