Office 365 Your Organisation Needs More Information To Keep Your Account Secure

I know that we have to take security seriously, but I faced this problem so many times. Have you recently created a new Microsoft 365 or Office 365 account and users are being forced to setup MFA within 14 days despite MFA not being configured?

we are in the same boat!

I’m constantly setting up new tenants for clients and performing migrations and while enforcing MFA is a great idea and having it enabled by default is good it does cause issues during the configuration stage of a tenant.

The issue is being caused by a new security default policies being applied to the tenant.

Here is how to temporally (take it seriosly yo!) disable the new security default policies to turn off this behaviour.

Log into your tenant and go to the Admin console and click in ‘Azure Active Directory’ from the left hand menu.

now click on ‘Azure Active Directory’ then ‘Properties’ then ‘Manage Security Defaults’.

Set ‘Enable Security Defaults’ to ‘No’.

Tick an option which most applies to you and click ‘Save’.

Now users will not be forced to configure MFA but remember weak passwords are causing us all major issues so please enable MFA for user accounts as soon as you can.


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