How to extend the Trial Period in Process Server for ASR

Today I will blog something very quick, this had happened to my projects several times. In order to protect and migrate workloads to Azure, we use what is called a Process Server, you can deploy the Process Server with an OVA or OVF, but you have to be aware that it is only licensed to be used 180 days.

After this period has been completed, the VM will be shut down automatically, so you have two options here:

For the second case, the procedure that you must follow is the following:

  • Open a PowerShell window as admin
  • Make sure that you have available rearms for this VM, for this execute the following: slmgrdlv
  • You will notice a property like “Remaining Windows rearm count”
  • If you are able to rearm the system: execute the following: slmgr -rearm
  • Reboot the server and you are ready to go
  • If none of this steps apply for you, go for the #1 option, relicense the server with a valid CAL

Till next time!


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