The new version of Azure File Sync supports File Shares greater than 5 TB

The new version of AFS brings some interesting features, in particular we can find that nowadays supports file shares greater than 5 TB. The updating is done gradually, so it can take something for her benefits from the improvements. However, there is also a way to speed up the whole thing.

Following new features come with v7:

  • Support for file shares  greater than 5 TB: The preview for file shares up to 100 TB is available in Azure for some regions, therefore the limit now also for the agent is adjusted. Also azure file sync now supports up to 50 million files in a single namespace.
  • Improvements in file recovery for azure backup: Individual recovered files on azure backup are now detected and synchronized faster
  • Improvements for cloud tiering: The cmdlet “invoke-StorageSyncFileRecall” now supports file retry count and retry delay, similar to such as Robocopy.
  • Support for TLS 1.2: AFS supports TLS 1.2 now, however only, if TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 have been disabled
  • Numerous improvements to performance and stability

The current V7 release is located in the gradual rollout and existing servers receive the release not immediately.



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