Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door enables to enhance the performance of interactive services such as Office 365 and Bing. What? I am reading well?

Front Door is an entry point into the Microsoft WAN that is deployed in edge sites around the world. When you connect to a service that Front Door is enhancing, you enter the Microsoft WAN through the closest (AnyCast) edge site and, from there, you connect to the closest available (probe tested) instance or replica of the service via the Microsoft WAN.

So… once I pass the Azure Front Door is like being in the same network as Microsoft, whooooo!!

We can think as Front Door as a global load balancing for our subscription, but what other services are offered inside this service?

  • URL redirection
  • Session affinity
  • SSL termination
  • Security via customer WAF rules and DDoS protection
  • URL rewrite
  • IPv6 and HTTP/2 support

The matter here is when to use this service, probably does not fit all customers, but think in customers that have several offices around the world, where latency and performance to access to services is critical.


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