Where to store my data in O365

Nowadays nobody likes file servers, probably because are often in a state of chaos, and accessing them from a mobile device is difficult.

But for our luck, we can use O365 to adress this problems in order to store and share files in other systems like OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint.

The key point here, is files are stored in the cloud, so can be accessed easly from any device and probably anywhere (depends on the security implemented at your organization). So… there is no need to use the corporate network or to log into a VPN.

So let’s take into smaller pieces:

  • Personal Data OneDrive: This is not a surprise, all your personal data MUST be stored on your OneDrive (I am not talking about your personal OneDrive), your corporate OneDrive!! OneDrive is mobile accessible, syncs with the user desktop, allows to sync certain files. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for. For me, it’r a masterpiece in the user Adoption
  • Collaborative Projects Microsoft Teams: Any data that is being shared and worked within a group of users, should be on Teams, in addition to sync, mobility and search capabilities, it integrates an IM solution and other features as notes, calendar, Planner, which provides a complete collaborative workspace.
  • Corporate Data SharePoint: Final versions of data and files that are shared company wide, should be stored in SHarePoint. You can include several layers of securioty, which provices a safe place where store confidential documents.

As you can see, there are several options inside O365, but as always you will need to implement a Governance plan inside your tenant to be sure that your data is secured.


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