Azure DDOS Protection

In Azure we can enable the DDOS protection easily in few clicks for our applications running and deployed in Azure Virtual networks.

If you want to enable protection to your applications or Virtual Networks in Azure, you can use DDoS for this purpose. This resource provides protection to resources , VN and published endpoints. Moreover, can be integrated into a WAF to provide protection from layers 3 to 7.

Digging more into DDoS, we can found two types of service Tier: Basic and Standard

  • Basic is the default protection enabled by Microsoft, provides protection from common attacks
  • Standard: is a paid premium service (you can check the prices in Azure website). It has dedicated monitoring, machine learning and prevent DDoS attack into VN configured. It also allows to integrate into Azure Monitor and alert you when the application is under attack, it.

As always, Azure allows us a lot of flexibility to integrate many resources into a single point, so we can offer a lot of alternatives to our customers


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