Do I need to use Tags in Azure?

I didn’t know which title set to the post, but if you’re looking for a quick answer, the answer is: DEFINITIVELY YES

Tags in Azure form part of one of the key elements of governance, it helps to organize resources and resources group by assigning them a name:value.

Ok, you will be thinking, it’s ok I see your point, but what’s in there for me? I will try to explain it in a easy way:

First of all, tags help to control the access and compliance to the resources that we have inside the platform, for example to keep track of who can interact with which resources, and things like that.

Applying tags to resources, helps to automate everything inside Azure. For example, in my case, each VM that we create in test, is tagged automatically (thanks to automation) and it’s being shut down al 19 everyday, so it helps to save costs.

And speaking of the devil… costs, applying tags to the resources inside Azure it helps organizations to divide invoices to each department, or even to facilitate reporting, for example which workloads are spending most. But as you can imagine in each customer, it has different ways of tagging.

One thing that you have to keep in mind, is that when we apply a tag to a RG, this tag is not inherited to the resources that contain this RG. But don’t worry, PowerShell to the rescue, you can use the following PS, that helps to apply the tag that has been applied to the top level of the RG to all the resources inside it.

You can use the following PS for this task:

Tags can also be applied with Azure policies, so don’t forget to use all this tools when you are using Azure, your governance strategist will be happy if you keep resources as simply as possible.


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