Access denied creating a Site Collection

A colleague was creating a site collection from the SPO admin center and he was receiving an access denied message.

An access denied message in SPO admin center? Yes you’re reading well. First thing I propose, was to check the credentialed and the role assigned in O365 center. Everything seems correct.

Second thing, was to try to access another time to O365, but this time in private, only to check if he was having something weird in the navigator, nothing.

How I was watching the URL, by chance I tried to access to this URL, and for my surprise, this SPO URL was existing in a O365 group, so the mistery was solved!

I suggested to check the permissions of the group and to chende the managed path of O365 groups to /teams instead of /sites

Silly misconfigurations leads to big mistakes…



2 thoughts on “Access denied creating a Site Collection

  1. Hi,
    I got the same problem. Could you please explain more about your resolution. I confused when you mentioned “This URL”, which URL did you refer to?


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