Planner capabilities in SharePoint Online Sites

Working with O365 implies that everyday you face new integrations and new features that have been deployed to your tenant. In this case it is Planner, which allows to integrate into SharePoint online, or event to create plans directly from SharePoint Online Site.

Adding a plan

This button in the homepage of SharePoint Site, allows to add a Planner plan.


The good part of it, it shows a window to create the plan or event to select an existing plan. In my case the SharePoint Site it is a Team group, so it makes completely sense


Once you have linked the plan to SharePoint Online Site, it creates a shorcut into the navigation and you are able to show the main board and the charts of the projects. I found it beatiful since it is great to have this integration without difficulty.


take into account that this integration is more or less the same as editing the main page and adding the planner web part to it:


But in this case, the integration being a new link I found it muche better 🙂

This is all, till next time!


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