Microsoft Teams Recap

If you have a customer like me that wants to use Teams in W7 environment, and they want to uninstall Teams in order to know if reinstalling solves the problem, you will face that is not possible to uninstall Teams “easyly”, because the program is not shown in Control Panel and thus the user won’t be able to uninstall Teams. To do it, it is necessary to use PowerShell! You can have more info in the following link:

Very useful to detect errors before rolling out Teams to the entire company:

Another thing that I discovered doing a battery test, depending on which version of Chrome you’re running Microsoft teams meetings does not work. So in this case my customer was running the version 57 of Chrome and the last supported version of Chrome for meetings in Microsoft Teams is the v59. You can have more info in the following post:

I will try to keep updated this post 🙂



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