SPO – Which MP should I use for Search?

This is a reminder for myself, sometimes I forget which type of Managed Propery I have to use in SPO in order to make search by CQWP, so, depending on the type of column you will need to use different type of preset Managed Properties.

Managed property name Data type for mapping
RefinableDate00 – RefinableDate19 Dates.
RefinableDecimal00 – RefinableDecimal09 Numbers with max three decimals.
RefinableDouble00 – RefinableDouble09 Numbers with more than three decimals.
RefinableInt00 – RefinableInt49 Whole numbers.
RefinableString00 – RefinableString99 Strings, Person or Group, Managed Metadata, Choice and Yes/No

So, after you have configured this, you’re ready to go. Remember that before you can configure a MP, it is necessary to have values in the column in order to be able to crawl this column and then be able to do the correct mapping.


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