Where do users change their phone number for resetting O365 password?

It seems a post very straightforward, but a client fired me this question and I thought that I was pretty sure about the answer, but no, I discovered something new for me in our marvellous O365 world.

My client wanted to change their phone and mail, when they must reset their password. If you remember, the first time that you log into O365, it asks for this data to complete your “recovery” profile. So, when he asked me to change this data, I guided him to follow this procedure:


  • Click on my profile


  • Update profile with your own/new info

Easy right?

If you follow this procedure to change your O365 password recovery data, you’re as much as wrong as I was. This procedure does not change your initial data, it only changes your profile information. So where do I have to access to change this data? Of course, Azure…

We know that every O365 tenant shares the Azure AD, so in Azure we also have the user information. In this case, the only thing that we have to do is to access to http://portal.azure.com go to Azure Active Directory resource, users and groups and select the user that you need to change their information.



After doing this, you will be able to reset your password with the new data that has been introduced.

Keep in mind, that you’ll need permissions in the Azure resource in order to modify this “personal” information, if you don’t have the properly permission, this information will be greyed out.


Hope it helps!



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