Developer preview in Teams and Planner integration

After seeing that MS is launching new features to Microsoft Teams via developer Preview, I decided to enable it and try it. But for my surprise, this option was not enabled in my tenant, so I struggled how to activate it.

First I navigate to: where is it possible to find the instructions of how to activate. In my case the steps to follow where pretty simple:

  • Go to the admin center
  • Settings, select Services & add-ins or Apps
  • From the list of services and add-ins, or apps, select Microsoft Teams.
  • On the Microsoft Teams settings screen, switch both Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams and Allow sideloading of external apps to On, and then select Save.


After doing that, I went to and under my profile I was able to select the Developer Preview:


Accept the dialog:


And start with the new available features in this mode. One of these new available features is Planner, well done Microsoft 🙂


Is great to see how Microsoft is improving the collaboration in Teams, and in this case bringing Planner to the app, instead of having to add the plan as a tab.

With this implementation, we can see all our assigned tasks in Planner, in addition to that able to edit the tasks, assign tasks to other users. It’s like accessing to Planner, but integrated into Teams.


We have different views, where we can group by tasks or even by plan, is important to show all our assigned tasks.


To close this post, I have to add that this new feature it is only available via web, I expect that this implementation will be also added soon to Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile app.

16/11/2017 Edit: Once again Juan Carlos Gonzalez is right 🙂 ,  developer view is it already available in desktop app, so is it possible to take advantage from the Planner integration. Thanks again!


2 thoughts on “Developer preview in Teams and Planner integration

    1. En el momento de escribir el post, estaba utilizando la app en vez de la versión de escritorio, y en cuanto me dí cuenta, pasé a coger los pantallazos desde la versión web. Si que es cierto, que ahora mismo he vuelto a probar y en la app ya me sale. Igual era que le faltaba un reinicio al PC :S
      De todas formas, vuelves a estar en lo cierto, gracias crack!


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