Configuring Proxy PACs

Being immersed in Office 365 pilots and adoptions, a lot of questions are fired by the customers, some of them are related with networking requirements. Most of the times, I am able to give them some guidance on how to configure environments and give to them some best practices, but in occasions, happens that they had a lot of customizations in the proxy servers in order to control the server communications to the outside.

But I have found some posts in the technet blogs about how to automate the configuration of ProxyPac. With these scripts, we’re able to configure the proxies and configure the bypass list in the server as well as configure the outbound firewall rules to allow to access to the appropriate IPs and URLs.

I’m sure that with all this stuff, we will able to save enough time to be focused in other important things.

So, if you want to automate the configuration of ProxyPac’s and do you want to automate it, I strongly recommend visiting the follow links and extract the info from it:



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