Uninstalling Access from Click to Run deployments

Hi all!

This question was fired by a client, they had installed the office C2R Office version from the O365 portal, but some of the included applications such as Access, need additional approval from the IT side. So, they need to uninstall some of the components.

At the beginning, the were claiming that was not possible to uninstall a single product, because, each time they tried, they were uninstalling all the suite of Office.

After further investigation for me side, I discovered that it is not possible to uninstall some products from the C2R version, except Visio or Project that are licensed in another way, so if we want to uninstall Access it is not possible.

At first glance, I was thinking in Office Deployment tool to control how the software is implemented in the company, by configuring a XML, it is possible to exclude some of the Apps and avoid this kind of problem.

Normally, this kind of deployments are centralised by IT, but a nominal user can install ODT in his computer and run the program to only install the programs that they need. Ok, we solved half of the problem, we know that we cannot uninstall Access and we know how to implement from scratch Office. But I wanted to go a step further and try to uninstall Access from the computer, so I found the following program in GitHub: https://officedev.github.io/Office-IT-Pro-Deployment-Scripts/XmlEditor.html

From here, it is possible to configure the XML to help the admins to deploy ODT installations, so I was trying to play with the program. In my case I went to the last option “Install Toolkit”


I downloaded the program, and in the first screen I selected the option “Manage your local Office 365 ProPlus installation” which loads your current configuration in your computer, and allows to modify it, yes! This app rocks!!


So, I went to Products, and you’ll able to see an option called, excluded, where you can exclude certain programs from being installed or also Uninstalled 😊


You can review the rest of options inside the app and configure them as you need it. Finally, you can go to Local option and then select “Modify the existing installation”, this will fire the setup program and will begin the Office Wizard, remember to close all your Office applications before clicking “Rerun setup” option


Once the wizard has finished, you can check if Access or the application you have selected, remains in your computer (in my case have been uninstalled successfully).

Hope it helps!


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