Skype Meeting Broadcast

One of the best kept secret of Skype is Skype Meeting Broadcast, which is a large scale meeting service that can host up to 10,000 attendees on any device, Mac, PC, Windows, Mobile, and even Linux devices through a web browser broadcast. Behind the scenes, this kind of service is based on Azure media services, and for example users located in the same geographical area will be connected to the same CDN.

In which plan is included the Skype Meeting Broadcast? In the followings

  • Enterprise E1, E3, and E5
  • Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 2 (or 3)

And who can attend to the meeting? You can select through the following options:

  1. Anonymous: Anybody with the broadcast URL can attend
  2. Secure: Only specific people can attend based off their email address
  3. All Company: Only people within your company can attend, they will need a username and password.

So, your last question will be, how I can start planning a Skype Broadcast? You will need to access to the following link: and then select the day you will host the meeting, and then customize the meeting to fit your preferences.

I think that will be a great tool to my customers to host their online meetings or product presentations 🙂





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