Recommendations using Skype For Business meetings

Currently, I am using more and more S4B to Schedule Skype meetings to communicate with other people that are not located in my office or even in my region.

By default, everyone that is invited to a Skype meeting is considered as a “presenter” and has full control over the meeting, but sometimes this configuration is not the appropriate for large meetings. Probably you want more control over the audio, video or the content presented over the meeting, so the intention of this post is to give some recommendations about using S4B for this situations.

To do this, the first thing that we have to take into account is that all this configurations are controlled over the Outlook client, so you need to create a new Skype meeting and then select meeting options in Outlook ribbon:


You will have a series of possible configurations:

Where do you want to meet online?

  • Select “a new meeting space”. This setting is required if you wish to change any of the default meeting settings.

These people do not have to wait in the lobby:

  • You will want to change this setting unless you want to manually let each person in and have an announcement as each person enters and exits.
  • Suggested options are to allow “People I invite from my company” and “Callers get in directly”.

Who’s a presenter?

  • By default, everyone from our organization is a “presenter”, which means they can control audio, video and screen sharing options.
  • Change this setting to “Only me, the meeting organizer”. This ensures that only the meeting organizer is a presenter. You can choose additional presenters as required.  For example, the person that schedules the meeting is automatically a presenter.  You can also “promote” the individual presiding at the meeting to a presenter to give them full capabilities.

Do you want to limit participation?

  • Presenters always have the ability to chat and share audio and video as well as presentations.
  • In a large meeting, it might be beneficial to mute participants audio and block video in order to provide better control over the environment and ensure a better experience for participants.
  • As a presenter you can un-mute participant’s audio on a case-by-case basis as needed.
  • Participants can also be elevated to presenters at any time to provide full access.

Once you are done making the changes you require, select the “ok” button or press the button to save your preferences for future meetings.

That’s all!


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