Thoughts about Delve

Whilst Office Graph it is a system that automatically learn about the content we publish (or how it is called nowadays Machine Learning), Delve it’s an application web that uses Graph to show us relevant content that has been crawled by the search API, so it is meant to be a personal search and discovery tool.

However, the most important part, it is that sometimes Delve could show documents that I don’t have access and probably should not be able to see them. To illustrate this, imagine that I usually work with a Project Manager, and he has a document where he puts our evaluations during a project, but how I usually collaborate with him, Delve interprets that this document could be useful for me, which is incorrect.

Therefore, as you can imagine, Delve could be a problem regarding permissions and other things, so we have to be careful with this new tool.

As information owners, what we can do? For example, delete some search results, so Delve will not be able to crawl the information and thus show it to certain people. Which options do we have?

  • Configure the library to no to index the content: Personally, I do not like this option, because the information will not appear either in SharePoint Search results, for example.
  • Deactivate Graph in the O365 administration panel, but this action also will deactivate Delve
  • Another option could be that each user could choose between sharing their activity or not at tenant level. This options reacts in both ways, you won’t share your information, but at the same time, you won’t receive information from other users
  • Lastly, for me the best option, Microsoft has introduced a new managed property called: “HidefromDelve”, which allows filtering which contents is shown.

To configure it, you can create a site column with the name hidefromdelve of Yes/no type, the default value you can choose whatever you want, but take into account that if you choose yes, the content will be hide from Delve.

Next step is to add this column to all the libraries where you want to use this new property and to reindex these libraries. Also keep in mind that after creating the site column will be better to add this column to a content type, so all this libraries that use this content type, will inherit this new property.

I thinks that that’s all, If I discover new things about Delve I will try to keep updated this post.


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