How to hide group membership for Modern groups in Office 365

Update 09/02/2017: After further investigation, Juan Carlos told me that MS remove that feature, and probably MS is developing a new feature that will include something to hide the membership.

Update 08/02/2017: Juan Carlos Gonzalez told me that was not possible to use this PS commands to modify the group properties. He is right, I try it and it seems that have been erased from the Azure Module, but all the documentation that MS has, point to that PS codes… We will wait until new news from MS.


Hi! recently a customer asked me if it was possible to hide the membership of a group in O365. The answer was: yes, and of course it is necessary to do it by PowerShell.

To enable the setting, the cmdlet is:

Set-UnifiedGroup firstgroup -HiddenGroupMembershipEnabled:$true

It’s a switch parameter, so you shouldn’t leave any space in between, or you can simply run it as:

Set-UnifiedGroup firstgroup -HiddenGroupMembershipEnabled

The cmdlet works against both Private and Public groups, but we aware that members of the group will still be able to see the full membership (it makes sense), however any other user will see a blank list, admins included.

For Admins it is possible to use PowerShell or the admin center to list the members.

till next time!


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