IDFix Errors

Hi again!

During an implementation of O365 I run the IdFix Tool to see if they were problems in the AD. When tool finished I was receiving like a 3000 errors, but all were referred more or less to the same:


At the beginning I was stuck but suddenly I remembered that the .local domain are the ones that are not possible to route, so I thought that this domain was .loc, was also not possible to be routable for Office365. I was in the right path, so the solution here is to change the UPN, SMTP of all this user accounts that have the .loc in the domain name.

AS Bonus, I keep posted the relation between the error that gave the IDFix with a short explanation:

  • Character: The Value contains a character which is invalid.
  • Format: The Value violates the format requirements for the attribute usage. If there are no invalid characters the Update and Value will appear the same. It is up to the user to determine what they really want in the Update.
  • TopLevelDomain:  If the top level domain is not internet routable then this will be identified as an error. For example a smtp address ending in .local is not internet routable and would cause this error.
  • DomainPart: If the domain portion of the value is invalid beyond the top level domain routing this will be generated.
  • LocalPart: If the local portion of the value is invalid this will be generated.
  • Length: This is most commonly encountered when the schema has been altered. The suggested Update will truncate the value to the attribute standard length.
  • Duplicate: The Value has a duplicate within the scope of the query. All duplicate values will be displayed as errors. The user can Edit or Remove values to eliminate duplication.
  • Blank: The Value violates the null restriction for attributes to be synchronized. Only a few values must contain a value. The suggested Update will leverage other attribute values in order to generate a likely substitute.

Hope it helps!


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