[ #SharePoint2016 ] Planning hardware and software requirements

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Continuing our journey to SharePoint 2016, after Planning and architecting Distributed cache Service for SharePoint 2016, I would like to stress in this article mostly on memory requirements for SharePoint 2016.

Here are my key takeaways about requirements for SharePoint 2016:

    1. There is no change regarding processor needs on every config it’s 4 cores, 64 bits processor.
    2. There is a significant change regarding memory needs from 12 GB (for SharePoint 2013) to 16 GB for a standard SharePoint 2016 production server
    3. There is no change regarding disk space requirements
    4. There is no change regarding requirements for a stretched farm (latency  should be < 1 ms 99.9% of the time and bandwidth at least 1 Gbit/s)
    5. There is a standard evolution regarding Windows and SQL Server supported versions

    All these information come from the well known pages: Hardware and software requirements for SharePoint Server 2016

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