Access Requests in SharePoint

The access request feature allows people to request access to content that they do not currently have permission to see. As a site owner, you can configure the feature to send you mail when someone requests access to a site. You can then choose whether to approve or decline their request. If you approve the request, you can also specify the specific level of permission you’d like to assign to a user.

But, if you are in my case that I needed to configure the access request in all the web app, you can use the following PowerShell:

$spsites = get-spsite -Limit All

foreach($spsite in $spsites)


foreach($SPweb in $spsite.AllWebs)


# if a site inherits permissions, then the Access request mail setting also will be inherited

if (!$SPweb.HasUniquePerm)


write-host $SPweb "Inheriting from Parent site";




$SPweb.RequestAccessEmail = "";


write-host $SPWEB "Configured"




Hope it helps!


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