Logging in Office Web Apps


If you need to activate the verbose logging in the Office Web Apps server you have to set it with the following PS command:

Set-officewebappsfarm -LogVerbosity Verbose

Once it has been executed, we need to restart the OWA service

Restart-service wacsm -force

Once we have finished doing our tests, we can set the log level as default, to do this, we need to execute the following PS

Set-officewebappsfarm -LogVerbosity “”

Once again, we need to restart the service to take effect

Restart-service wacsm -force

That’s all!


2 thoughts on “Logging in Office Web Apps

    1. Hi Brian, long time ago since I wrote this post, but i think that you can run in Powershell the following command: get-officewebappsfarm (or something like that), and you will have aproperty which will say where the logs are stored


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