SPO – How to set storage quota

Imagine you have a webapplication where all the users are allowed to upload all the documentation that they want, you know that users love free space, so they will upload as much files as they can, but may be situations or business decisions when is it necessary to put on a quota to restrict the space that users can use.

For example, if you want to know what storage quota do you have for a particular site, you will need to navigate to Site settings –> Site Metrics


But, if you want to set a quota limit in SPO, you will need PowerShell to do that, so let’s begin

Execute the following:

$cred = get-credentials

Set-SPOSite –Identity https://urlappweb/yoursite -StorageQuota 512000 -credentials $cred

Once the PS has been executed, you can verify the quota that has been set


Happy SharePointing!


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