Which Server is being accessed via the Load Balancer / NLB

Today, a collegue asked me how he knows which server he was accessing when HA is configured, so we tried the following solution to check it:

After starting with the process, keep in mind that this solution only works when single affinity is configured on the NLB 🙂

  1. Create a shared folder on each Web Front (WFE) Server.
    Name it the name of the server (or a friendly name you want to use to identify a server e.g. WFE01) and grant it full read rights to”everyone”.
  2. Open the URL, e.g. http://collab.intranet.com in the browser as normal and let the page load.
  3. Now open file explorer and put the same URL (without http://) you normally access the load balancer with e.g. \collab.intranet.com

After doing this, you should now see a folder share which should show you the shared folder representing the server name, and voilá this is the server which you are accessing by the load balancer.



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