Excel error Unable to create or access

Hi again, today suddenly a bunch of users people started getting these errors while opening Excel files in the browser:

at C:WindowsTEMPExcel ServerFileCachefa812204-b6ff-40ec-9209-fe8add3de89eRanges. Excel Services Application is unable to function without a workbook cache.

Thanks to below links, issue could be resolved




Unable to create or access workbook cache at C:WINDOWSTEMPExcel ServerFileCacheSharedServices1-1078443246Ranges. Excel Services is unable to function without a workbook cache. (you can see this error in Event viewer)



Unknowingly you may have deleted the above mentioned folders. So, Excel services is not able to save the temporary files under the “Ranges” folder.


Login inside the SharePoint server and create the “Ranges” folder as per the above mentioned folder structure. If you are not able to see the “Excel Server” folder inside “C:WindowsTemp” folder, just create it manually.

hope it helps!


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