Remove Newsfeed, Skydrive and Sites from the Top bar

A client wanted us to hide the Newsfeed, SkyDrive, and Sites links in the upper right corner of their SharePoint environment because none of them would be in use. Even though this requires editing the master page, it is fairly easy to accomplish.

In the master page, you simply need to search for the following code and either remove it or comment it out:

<SharePoint:DelegateControl id=”ID_SuiteLinksDelegate” ControlId=”SuiteLinksDelegate” runat=”server” />

I would recommend commenting it out because if you ever want to make the links visible again, you can easily do so by removing the comments. To comment out the code, add <!– at the beginning of the tag and –> at the end, as such:

<!–<SharePoint:DelegateControl id=”ID_SuiteLinksDelegate” ControlId=”SuiteLinksDelegate” runat=”server” />–>

Now if you check on the site, the links should be hidden!


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