User Profile Synchronisation Errors In SharePoint 2013

While setting up the User Profile Synchronization services on SharePoint  I had a couple of warnings and errors that I had to address:

Detection of product ‘{90140000-104C-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}’, feature ‘PeopleILM’, component ‘{1C12B6E6-898C-4D58-9774-AAAFBDFE273C}’ failed.  The resource ‘C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers14.0ServiceMicrosoft.ResourceManagement.Service.exe’ does not exist.

Followed by event 1001:

Detection of product ‘{90140000-104C-0000-1000-0000000FF1CE}’, feature ‘PeopleILM’ failed during request for component ‘{9AE4D8E0-D3F6-47A8-8FAE-38496FE32FF5}’
These were repeated for another component GUID.

And event 1015:

Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x80070005

These were repeated for another component GUID

The reason is that the WMI calls are made under the credentials of Network Service account and that this account doesn’t have permissions on the folder indicated in the event.

After I gave the Network Service account read and execute permissions on the “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers15.0” folder the events didn’t reappear.

Also, is it posible to give this permissions by PowerShell:

$Acl = (Get-Item "E:Microsoft Office Servers15.0").GetAccessControl('Access')
$Ar = New-Object"NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE","Read, ReadAndExecute, ListDirectory", "ContainerInherit, ObjectInherit", "None", "Allow")
Set-Acl "E:Microsoft Office Servers15.0" $Acl

Hope it helps!


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