Using Wevtutil to capture and view the ADFS Debug log

When troubleshooting ADFS server-side issues it can be useful to turn on ADFS Debug logging on the server.

To enable the ADFS debug event log, run the following in a CMD command prompt:

wevtutil sl “AD FS 2.0 Tracing/Debug” /E:true

Running the same command with /E:False disables the debug logging again.

After you have enabled it, reproduce the problem scenario and then run the following to dump out the log and convert it into XML format that you can then view:
To dump out the debug log after have been reproduced:

wevtutil epl “AD FS 2.0 Tracing/Debug” %computername%-ADFSDebuglogs.elf

To convert to it to XML

wevtutil qe %computername%-ADFSDebuglogs.elf /lf:True /f:xml


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