Problem with blogs in multilingual environment

Hi all!

Today’s problem is easy to solve, but it comes from a multilingual site in SharePoint. In case you’re installing SharePoint in one language (for instance English), install a LP (SPanish) and you create content in Spanish, could originate some problems.

For example, this happens with SharePoint blogs and Search. If you make a search query to blog search result, the url that points is incorrect. This is due of an invalid configuration of the CT and is needed to be updated. To our luck, this is easy to be solved by PS:

$web = get-spweb https://blosurl
#escoger el TC que sea
$ct = $list.ContentTypes["yourCTthathasconfigurati"]
#configuracion inicial
PS C:Usersmssadm> $ct.DisplayFormUrl
#configuracion final
$bloglistname = "yourfinalconfiguration"
$ct.DisplayFormUrl = "Lists/$blogListName/Post.aspx"

That’s all!


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