Problems to crawl User Profile properties

Hi all, this a note for myself but I wanted to explain to everyone to not to happen again.

The problem was the following: a client has to create a new Test SharePoint farm because the other one that they had, became corrupt, so the simply solution was to recrete, until here, no problem.

We recreate the farm, with the help of AvePoint products we recreated from the Prodeuction scenario, the Managed Metadata Service Application and the content databases from the portal, so every content was updated.

For several reasons, we need to recreate the User Profile Service Application and the Search Service Application by PowerShell (or by the interface, doesn´t matter), and in the User Profile we recreate the same properties as in production, with the same linked attributes from the AD.

So, once this is were done, we started a full crawl in the search to crawl all the new properties. However, when the crawl finished, the properties were not crawled, and the problem begun here…

First of all, we checked the crawl log to confirm if there were problems in thew crawling: No luck 😦

Then we check the checkbox in the Search Service Application to give permission to the Search Account to retrieve User Data profiles:

dc1 dc2

For my surprise it was no checked, so I checked the property and I started again a Full Search crawl…. nothing again, it begins to be annoying and weird

To be sure that the new properties created has values, I enter into the profile of each user to check if they have values, and yes, indeed all users have values in their new properties.

I was sure that something was missing, it was very strange that something it is “easy” becomes such pain. So I decided to start from the beggining:

So I check very step to provision correctly the User Profile, and I was shocked when I realized that I forgot to include in Content Source of the Search Service App, the protocol sps3…. Once I added this url I started again a full search crawl and magically the new properties started to appear in the search schema, so it was possible for me to start to create new managed properties to do a Search Directory…

Conclusion: it was a silly thing, but it stuck me several hours of troubleshooting, I expect to not to forget again that simply thing


2 thoughts on “Problems to crawl User Profile properties

  1. Este es un buen aticulo. He hecho la misma error en el pasado cuando olvidabá usar el correcto controlador de protocolo. Es recuerdo gatear perfiles personales y para busqueda de persona.

    Gracias por tu articulo y lo siento por mi espanol mal!

    Un saludo,


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