SharePoint 2013 + W2012R2 = Funny problems

Hi again!

Today I bring a problem that strike us two days in a row, one day was me and the following day a colleague, so it was funny to explain him what was the solution.

First, both of us were installing SharePoint (without SP1) binaries in W2012 R2 servers which don’t have Internet connection, so we need to install the roles and prerequisites manually, so at first glance, you will thinking: boooooring!!

Luckily we have a series of Powershells created by Craig Lussier that helps to do that, this PS are in:

If you have any problem downloading this PS, let me know and I will try to send you a copy of them.

Ok, fair enough to install roles, download and install prerequisites, but still we were having a problem, when the prerequisites were installing it throws an error about IIS, the exact message was: “The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role”

It was stucking me all the day, but suddenly I found a post on: that explains the following:

“Taking a look in the system32 directory, you’ll see that in R2, ServerManagerCMD.exe doesn’t exist! How do we fix that? We do the logical thing. Take ServerManager.exe, copy it, and rename it to ServerManagerCMD.exe”

After doing that was possible for me to install SharePoint, by the way it seems that this problem is related with W2012R2 and ISO of SharePoint 2013. Also I read that this problem is solved in the iso of SharePoint 2013+SP1

So I spent a day trying to solve this problem, but finally I could continue with the installation.

Hope it helps!


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